Trusted Assisted Living In Wesley Chapel

Audrey The Nurse™ Assisted Living in Wesley Chapel is committed to improving each resident’s quality of life while preserving their individual interest and independence. The right hands can make a difference! We are devoted to serving you and your family where it matters the most – maintaining the safety, security, and well-being of your loved one.

My interest in nursing developed at a young age! As a child, I loved playing with my doll collection. I would pretend to be their nurse. I enjoyed feeding, changing, and talking to them. I must have had about 150 in my collection. Ever since, I have enjoyed pursuing my passion for nursing. I have had the privilege of serving in different areas of acuity, including infectious disease and telemetry. In 7 years, I served in a variety of communities throughout Wesley Chapel, including Florida Hospital North Pinellas, and wholistic centers in Carrollwood, South Tampa, and Fish Hawk. However, the most enjoyable aspect of my career has been working with over 140 residents in an Assisted Living facility near Westchase. 

I learned that the most important aspect of human life is to preserve our individual interests and desires. There is something special about aging! It brings experience, wisdom, and happiness. I believe assisted living is an essential part of senior care. All seniors should enjoy the god-given potential to experience life to the fullest, maintain independence, and participate in rewarding activities of daily living. This is why Audrey The Nurse™ Assisted Living is unique; we recognize the significance compassion and provide each resident with quality care and peace of mind.

– Audrey Lefebvre, RN.

Compassion In Senior Living & Memory Care

We foster the happiness and longevity of each resident within Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. We understand the challenges involved in memory care and our facilities are designed with safety in mind. Our dedicated caregivers engage each resident as an individual. We are actively involved in all aspects of senior living and promise each resident to serve him or her in finding meaning in life.

We value the opportunity to serve each resident. Please let us know how we can help you and your loved one.