Superior Assisted Living In The Heart of Wesley Chapel

Experience Counts

Audrey The Nurse™ Assisted Living is managed by a Licensed Registered Nurse, and never a LPN. This ensures peace of mind and exceptional quality of care. We understand that each resident is an individual, blessed by God and given the ability to enjoy life. Audrey The Nurse™ Assisted Living facilities are the most experienced and well-versed within Wesley Chapel.

Unlike “cookie-cutter” corporate facilities, we provide families and residents with a direct point of contact: a Registered Nurse with over 6 years of experience in direct patient care.

Personalized Care

We understand that assisted living and compassionate care are the most important factors in determining a resident’s well-being, safety, and happiness. That is why we are determined to be the pinnacle of resident-care in Wesley Chapel, Florida. The safety, comfort, and well-being of each residents is our goal! We also understand that everyone is different; and that’s what makes each and every resident special.

  • We proudly provide personalized care tailored to each resident and their family. Audrey The Nurse™ assisted living cares for a variety of residents with different needs. Their families are no exceptions either! From different wake-up times to meal choices, we are happy to offer personalized assistance to all aspects of our residents daily living activities.
  • Our residents are individuals, not client numbers. Audrey The Nurse™ assisted living facilities have a different atmosphere than most. During our employee orientation process, our care staff is trained to recognize each resident by their full name. Additionally, our care staff (CNAs and Resident Assistants) have easy access to each resident’s recipe of care – which is managed and updated by the Nursing Director.
  • We understand each resident has different abilities and interest. We focus on the engagement and enrichment of our resident’s minds, bodies, and spirits. We honor our residents’ individuality and life accomplishments.

Faith & Peace of Mind

Audrey The Nurse Assisted Living believes that each resident is blessed by God! We see “age” as something that brings wisdom, gratitude, and happiness. Last year, we had the privilege of meeting a resident who was eagerly looking forward to her next birthday, as she would be turning 100 years old. We were honored to care for this resident and hope that someday, we would also have the privilege of coming close to 100 years of age.

We are impressed by our resident’s abilities to maintain longevity; and we work hard every day to improve our quality of care to continue providing a comfortable and delightful community. It is our mission to embrace God’s blessing within the lives of our residents.

Veterans & Public Servants

Just as we value or health, we also value our safety. Our veterans and military families have allowed us to enjoy, day after day, this beautiful world. Consequently, we are deeply in debt and thank them for servicing our country. If someone in your family is a Veteran or public servant, please ask us about our Veteran and Public Servant discounts.